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Customers are the lifeblood of your business. Without customers you have no business. Both advertising and sales focus on getting customers to buy your product or service. Once you have those customers, and you are able to generate repeat sales of your product or service to them, you are on your way to succeeding.

Some time ago while I was making a cold call on a potential customer, he basically told me he had another guy that already provided the service I was trying to sell him. Further, he stated that he was not interested in switching because this other guy was his friend. While this was clearly a lost sale for me, it points up a most important aspect of the relationship between small business owners and their customers... that of friendship.

Big businesses can afford to be cold and remote. Small businesses cannot. Every customer you have is your friend, and if you want to keep them as your customer, you'd better treat them like your friend. If you want a friend, be a friend. It's a two way street. Loyal customers that stay with you and keep buying from you are the key to repetitive revenue. Every customer you lose has to be replaced by another customer, which involves both the immediate loss of sales to that customer, and also increases your cost of sales to find the next customer to recover that loss of sales revenue.

From the above you should get the idea that the customer is the goose that lays the golden egg. Your relationship with that customer, and the quality of the product or service you provide, will largely determine whether or not you will be able to generate repetitive revenue from them.

And there's more to this than just that. What if there were a way to get new customers without having to advertise or go out and cold call (yuck!)? Wouldn't this be great? Surprisingly enough there is a way. Every customer you currently have is potentially an unpaid salesman for your product or service. If you do a good enough job, and additionally, make a friend out of that customer, even to the point of having a "special" relationship with them, they will be more than willing to act as an unpaid salesman for you. What this means is you will get referrals from them for new customers, and there is no better way to get new business than this. The sale has been made before you ever walk in the door.

Finally, there is another bonus to having your customers be friends. You actually get to enjoy being in business because you are associating with your friends. They will help you and protect you. They form a sales network for you by referrals and guarantee you continued sales revenue by their loyalty to you. You are their friend. Am I getting through to you yet? Maybe just a little bit?

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